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Re: Documentation Required

På må , 05/05/2003 klokka 11:46, skreiv Felix Schubert:

> I am using Suse 8.1 and OpenLDAP 2.1.4
> I only want to setup the server to be used as corporate addressbook and 
> therefore I am looking for Documentation which schemata i need and how 
> I can create a proper ldif file which will be accepted by the LDAP 
> server.

It depends on what your address book will contain and with which clients
you're trying to access it.

GQ is a graphic interface for GTK. Using it, you don't even have to use
ldif files to add information.

 If what you say above is all you want, and when the address book has
been made, that's the end of it, I'd advise you to use GQ (0.6.0 should
be on your machine, with 0.7.0b2 - jump from www.biot.com - you can drag
'n drop and otherwise play around with things.) It will even dump ldif
files from what you've designed, so that you can see what you ought to
have in them.

> If I understand the docs from this site the schema concepts has changed 
> from 2.0.X to 2.1.X so all my searches for documentation ran into the 
> old system documentation.

It's not the schema files that have changed, it's the way the newer
Openldap server versions treat they information they contain.



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