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A very dumb-ed down how-to

Hello everyone:

I've been clawing my way through learning OpenLDAP, and integrating it with Samba, Netatalk, CyrusIMAP and some other stuff. Since I've got the worlds worst memory, I wrote down what I've been doing in the hopes that someday I'll be able to recreate it. Now it seems almost useable, so I thought I'd post it on-line.

It's at  http://www.joerhodes.com/howto.html

This is targeted at those of us who are at the very early stages of learning all of this, and would like to implement it on small scales.

For those of us from the Directory Administrator list, I've finally figured out how to auto-create the user's mailboxes inside of Cyrus. So now adding users via DA is really the "one stop shopping" I had been hoping for.

Thanks to all the people who keep sending so much great info over these lists. I've learned a lot. I still am, for that matter.

If you spot major flaws, please let me know. I'll likely be updating this as I figure more stuff out. I still consider myself to be very much in the early stages of learning/using OpenLDAP. There are plenty of "TODO" sections left empty for the moment. I would especially appreciate any comments about security that people see lacking. I'd hate to be the one advertising how to set up insecure, easily hackable systems.


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