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Re: OpenLDAP database usage

På fr , 02/05/2003 klokka 12:37, skreiv Qianfeng:

> I am new to OpenLDAP and I am following OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's
> Guide to gain some basic idea about how to manipulate the database.
> however I am still a bit confused about how to add/remove/search the
> database in OpenLDAP.
> 1. In sldapd.conf, it says my database directory is "/var/lib/ldap". but
> I see nothing in that directory. why? am I missing something?

Maybe the slapd user doesn't have any rights to that directory?

> 2. Is there some way that I can see/browse my LDAP database?

"Browse" means "seeing what's in it." But that's not what you mean? You
can browse the contents with ldapsearch or other clients later. But, as
you realize, it has to be created first. It ought to be created as soon
as slapd starts up.

> 3. Besides the official 'OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide', is there
> any material that caters for beginners? 

Masses. Here's a very useful discussion and HOWTO for starters:




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