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"Name is" "Name contains", outlook express


    I am trying to search my openldap directory with Outlook Express by
first entering ldap://ipnumber/ in a web browser.  This brings up Outlook
Express, Find People box, on windows.  I type in a Name joe, then click Find
Now and I receive a No entries found pop up message.

    If I add the ldap directory In Outlook Express under Tools > Accounts >
Add Directory and type in the ip number of the ldap server then close. Then
click Find People > and add a search that reads "Name contains joe" I
receive joe's information.

    This tells me I am unable to search the ldap directory when
"Name is joe"  is used
and able to search the directory when
"Name contains joe"  is used

I added a defaultsearchbase to slapd.conf and it works great with the "Name
contains" just not the "Name is" search.

Is there anything I could add to slapd.conf to resolve this?  version on FreeBSD 4.7

Second question,
What feature in slapd.conf controls the Website button in Outlook Express
Find People dialog box.  Does this feature just bring up a specified

Thank you for your time and assistance,