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Re: Performance issues

--On Wednesday, April 30, 2003 10:00 PM -0500 Robert Canary <phantom@ohiocounty.net> wrote:

To post such information at this point would be a complete waste of

I would have to post 4 pages of info, most of which is completely

I'm sick of those sort of half witted posts.  The questions was:
Has anyone else seen such performance issues, not "Pleae fix my server,
and guess what I have behind door number three",

I was hoping for something like....

Yes, we had that issue, and we changed bla bla bla bla...., or
Yes, there is a known issue with bla bla bla,

THEN, we can start digging into specfics of the configs, and yaddi

Thank you Mr. Raf for wasteing my time.

I was simply looking for ideas from people without going into a 4 page
report right off the bat, which 90% of the mailing list will delete
becuase its to long to read through.

I think Sergio nailed it down.  After checking the cach setting, which
had been raised, it seemed like it wasn't taking.  However, it turned
out the config file was being loaded from a different directory.  Which
is diectly related to the reply from Sergio, but it was found as a
result of his suggestive lead.


what a pleasant response to an extremely general question. I for one will make sure to ignore any further questions I see from you, because god I'd hate to accidentally have you do some reading...


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