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Re: indexing?

In a message dated: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:41:02 PDT
Quanah Gibson-Mount said:

>--On Wednesday, April 30, 2003 12:24 PM -0400 pll+ldap@lanminds.com wrote:
>>     - an 'equality' index (or approx/sub) ?
>eq -- You can do equality matching on the value of the attribute.  i.e, you 
>can filter on uid=quanah
>sub -- You can do substring matching on the value of the attribute. i.e., 
>you can filter on "cn=quanah*mount"
>approx -- You can do approximate (or phonetic searches, if compiled that 
>way) on the value of the attribute.  i.e., you can filter on 

Great!  Thanks, now why can't the admin guide be this concise and 
descriptive :)

>>     - what are the 'default' indices maintained if
>There are no default indices maintained.  You need to specify what to index.
>You can specify a default type of indexing, i.e.,

Oh, I see.  I mis-read the admin guide on this one.

Thanks very much for the explanation!

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