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SSO possible with web apps?

Forgive me if this has been previously addressed.  I am new to this list and fairly new to OpenLDAP.

Here is my situation.  In our company, we have multiple open source web applications that we use.  Some are web apps that are under active development by others (like Metadot and Mantis), and some we have developed in-house in PHP or Perl.  Each is capable of using an LDAP server for authentication.  The web apps are running on 3 different Apache servers.  We're not running any J2EE or anything like that.  Just simple mod_perl and mod_php apps.

However, each user has to retype his user_id and password for each application.  My boss would like to have things set up in such a way that when a user logs into one application and is authenticated against the common LDAP server, they won't need to retype their user_id and password for any of the other applications.

My statement to him was: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.  My question to you: Is this even possible?

Bob Boyken