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Re: ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

Le lun 28/04/2003 à 21:10, Matthew_Johnson@ibi.com a écrit :
> Hi, I've been going through the LDAP tutorial, and I'm stuck at the point of
> adding new entries. I've tried the config files variety of ways, but I get
> an invalid credentials error. I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.17 BDB 4.1.25, running
> on Cygwin. The bottom of my slapd.conf looks like this:
> dn: dc=melonfire,dc=com
> objectclass: dcObject
> objectclass: organization
> o: Melonfire
> dc: melonfire.com

you should have :
dc: melonfire
(without the ".com")
but this has nothing to do with your problem
(this will be your next one :-) )

> Any suggestions?

I haven't seen any problem in your slapd.conf file
give us your ldapadd command line



> Thanks,
> Matt