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RE: Replication failed "Operation not allowed on non-leaf"

Have you taken a look at the replog file to see if, for some reason, the
parent entry is listed to delete before the children? I'm not sure that's
really possible, but if it is than perhaps this is a bug that needs to be

In the interim, you could script something that would programmatically
delete the child entries and then the parents (a leaf-to-root deletion).

Depending on your programming skills, it wouldn't be too difficult.


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From: Harms, Hendrik (TOJAQ) [mailto:extern.hendrik.harms@volkswagen.de] 
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 5:28 AM
To: 'Fines, Steven'
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Subject: RE: Replication failed "Operation not allowed on non-leaf"

I have used the "-r" option and it works fine on the master. But the
replication did not work for some entries.

I'm using:
   ldapdelete -v -c -r \
   -w "secret" \
   -D "dc=mycompany, dc=de" \
   -H "ldap://hostname:port"; \
   -f FileWithDNs2delete

The FileWithDNs2delete contains nearly 6500 entries. 
Each entry has 10 children (average). Most of the entries are delete
Some entries are only deleted on the master. In that case I find in the
<slave:port>.rej File 
the error "Operation not allowed on non-leaf".  
I think the slurpd sometimes stumbles. :-(


> Fines, Steven wrote: 
> Use the -r option to ldapdelete to make it delete recursively.
> SF
> > Harms, Hendrik wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> >
> > when I'am deleting an entry with its children (5) on my master ldap I
> > the following entry in my rejected log: "ERROR: Operation not allowed on
> > non-leaf"
> >
> > I'am wondering cause the operation works fine on the master.
> > I've already checked, that the master an the slave have the same data
> > before
> > I tried to delete that small subtree. Deleting only one single entry
> > has no children
> > works also fine.
> >
> > I'm using ldap-2.1.17 with Berkeley-DB 4.1.25 on Solaris 5.8
> >
> > Could anyone help me?
> >
> > Regard,
> > Hendrik
> >
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