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Re: Make problems

I managed to get this to work.  I had to back up to gcc 2.95.3 with
libgcc3.2.2 and move BerkeleyDB off of an NFS mounted file system.

Make test still fails but slapd runs...finally.

> Has anyone seen this error when running the make on version 2.1.17, and if
> so know how to avoid/fix it:
> ld: fatal: file ../../libraries/libldbm/libldbm.a: unknown file type
> ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to slapd
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> This is a Solaris 8 Intel host:
> Gcc-3.2.2
> Berkeley DB 4.1.25
> This host was running openldap 2.1.16 which was not a problem to compile or
> run.  However, that version was compiled using gcc 2.95 which was since
> updated....  Unfortunately when OpenSSL was updated from 0.9.6i to 0.9.7a it
> became necessary to re-compile.
> TIA,
> Chris Whalen