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RE: deferring operation?

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> From: Mike Denka [mailto:mdenk@whidbey.net]

> Howard, I'm curious about your last statement.  Why would 16
> threads, at
> 4MB each in 2.1.16, would be too many for a machine with 1GB
> RAM?  That
> only accounts for 48MB.

64MB, you mean.

> Even using a BDB cachesize of 300MB
> and a LDAP
> entry cache of, say, 20000, would still leave well over 500MB
> of system
> memory.  If a machine was dedicated to ldap, why would this not be
> enough?

That particular machine was not dedicated to LDAP, it also had a squid server
on it.

Also, the thread stack is only part of the story. There's another 8MB (by
default) per thread used by back-bdb's search filter evaluation stack. That's
another 128MB gone, without even accounting for all of the incidental mallocs
that slapd will perform during its normal processing. You really can't
estimate the memory impact of the entry cache without knowing the average
size of entries in the directory, so that's a complete unknown here.

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