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Re: your mail

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 06:37:21AM +0100, Iquo.O.Abia@spdc.shell.com wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to manage duplicate uids please?  On my site we have
> been creation account ad-hoc.  But now we want to consolidate account info
> on an LDAP serve but we have duplicate uids.  Is there a way to manage this
> will LDAP.

What you have is a mess (and quite a common one too). You have two
choices as far as I can see:

1)	Fix the mess and then consolidate.

	It should not be too hard to allocate new usernames and/or UIDs
	to each user.  The main problem is likely to be working out which
	ones are really the same person on various different servers to
	avoid each person ending up with lots of different accounts.

	Once you have decided on the naming plan and the UID plan, you
	can tackle servers one at a time: first change the names and
	file ownerships to match the new plan, then link the server
	into the consolidated domain.

2)	Make a consolidated mess.

	[ I don't like this one! ]

	You could move all the account data onto a single LDAP server
	but keep the data from each server in a separate part of the
	tree. This 'consolidates' the data into one physical place,
	but does nothing to make the users' and admins' lives easier.

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