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Re: 2.1.17 performance issues

Hi all!

I've followed up the HUGE threads about back-bdb and the different answers that OpenLDAP is well-documented or not. I don't want relume this topic.

So here's maybe a solution: Wouldn't it be better to externalize the whole BDB-setup from OpenLDAP. The sysadmin would need to setup first a BDB and then tell OpenLDAP to use this BDB.

This would be the same procedure as with other backends (e.g. back-sql) or even products (e.g. SAP R/3). You first need to setup a database and tell the application where this database is. Pretty easy - in my opinion ;).

Howard wrote that OpenLDAP initializes the BDB with some specific settings. Maybe this could be documented or slapd - called with a special parameter - could tell how it would like the BDB. Does OpenLDAP creates necessary tables on the fly or on initilization?

In other words: The magic - which is in my opinion very comfortable - should be removed from OpenLDAP to avoid confusion.

Only some ideas. But maybe this helps...

I have to expose, that I currently don't have complete survey over BDB and back-bdb. But I'm working to put all the different Lego-bricks together to let OpenLDAP form a part of my diploma thesis :)