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RE: BDB recovery after power outage

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Frank Swasey wrote:
> Today at 6:42am, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> > To say that BDB is not a viable backend because one has not taken the time
> > to investigate how to use the software is flawed.
> I agree with your point.  I have not taken the time necessary to fully
> understand BDB.  However, I have experimented with BDB backend.  I have
> used it in test instances and have found it to not perform as well as
> LDBM/Berkeley.  I do not have the time to read the programmer's
> reference that Sleepycat has made available and figure out what a BDB
> database admin needs to know.  Sleepycat has (to my knowledge) not made
> a BDB DBA's guide available.  You are required to read the Programmer's
> API reference and infer what a DBA needs to do.

Ah, I see one problem.  The index page for the Sleepycat documentation is
not exactly clear.  Look under Additional Documentation, and right above
the Programmer's Tutorial and Reference Guide you'll see Supporting
Utilities.  That page lists a bunch of utilities whose names should ring
alarm bells in your head even if you are not a DBA (as I am not).  In
particular, the page for db_recover has links to Archival Procedures and
Recovery Procedures.  (Oops, I just noticed that my docset is for version
3.2.9.  v4 doco may be arranged differently.)

Now, I found all that in under five minutes, and I am not a DBA nor do I
play one on TV.  (Hmmm, maybe all that time I spend beating my head
against MS Windows documentation is actually helpful after all.)

Yes, there should be a block on the index page named Administration and
Maintenance linking directly to those procedures.  Maybe you could fix up
the page and send the results back to Sleepycat.

Mark H. Wood, Lead System Programmer   mwood@IUPUI.Edu
MS Windows *is* user-friendly, but only for certain values of "user".