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Re: attribute "aliasedObjectName" not supported in context

Well, can you recommend me a solution, if BDB doesn't support aliases?
Should I use another database, or is it something else I can use instead of "alias" to solve the problem? I puted all the users in the subtree ou=user,dc=haw-hamburg,dc=de and want to point some users to other ou's such as student or employee located under dc=haw-hamburg,dc=de!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Howard Chu wrote:
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and in /var/log/messages:

bdb_add: entry failed schema check: attribute "aliasedObjectName" not
supported in context (65)

Has anyone any precious hints for me??

This error message means aliases are not supported in that database.
back-bdb in OpenLDAP 2.1 does not support aliases. back-ldbm does, badly.
back-bdb support for aliases will be in a future OpenLDAP release.

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