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Re: 2.1.17 performance issues

> - number of entries in the directory


> - indexes being used

index objectClass eq
index uid pres,eq
index uidNumber pres,eq
index campus pres,eq
index mailacceptinggeneralid pres,eq
index maildrop pres,eq
index ctCalXitemId pres,eq

> - cpu/ram

It's varied since we've been flopping back and forth on machines, but the
target machine is a dual Sparc II/400 with 1GB of RAM, Solaris 8.

> - performance (btw, how does one measure this?)

All queries start to get very slow and are eventually timed out.  Last
night, I saw slapd get so bogged down that it wouldn't even completely
respond to -INT (it'd refuse new connections but was never able to
complete its other transactions, as far as I could tell).  I also have a
script that runs the same filter 1000 times and spits back the number of
queries per second, and with that script, I was able to see the
performance drop from ~170 to ~8 queries/sec.

And this is all running with "cachesize 10000000," although we don't have
enough entries to fill that large a cache anyway, on top of the default
bdb install.


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College