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RE: ldapsearch

Active Directory returns "GSSAPI" and "GSS-SPNEGO"
as its only supported sasl_mechanisms.  Your error
message looks like sasl does not support GSSAPI.

To use GSSAPI you must install
kerberos and re-build sasl & openldap.

You might also try using the "-x" argument to ldapsearch,
which will force it to "Use simple authentication instead of SASL."

However, your username and password will be visible in the 
IP packets going to ActiveDirectory....not a good thing.

An alternative to kerberos would be to use an "ldaps" connection
to active directory (port 636)...This is a TLS (i.e. the new SSL)
connection, so your username and password are safe from prying 


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Hi list,

I read a lot about LDAP and searched the mailing lists....but... I'm trying
to make a ldapsearch from  Linux to a W2K server. It comes back with

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Unknown authentication method (86)

Any Ideas ?

The Newbie

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