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Re: 2.1.17 performance issues

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, John Madden wrote:

> > Is your slapd taking ages to complete queries? I'm seeing the same
> > behaviour after a certain number of queries. I'm still investigating it,
> > If isolated the cause of the problem. It's has something to do with
> > back-bdb. It might be bdb itself since is has a 'simple' locking method.
> Yes, I was seeing that as well, but only after running for about a day.

I've written a bench programme that can simulate multple clients at a time
doing all kinds of queries. After about aprox. 4000 operations slapd start
to act really weird. 
I just read on the dev mailing list that a new cache mechanism will be
released. When it is i'll try it. For now i'm still digging in back-bdb
code. Hopefully i can find the cause so i can fix it somehow.

keep me informed if you discover something.