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I have seen correspondance on this list on this topic before and I am hoping some of those persons can come through to help me out here.

I am trying to install OpenLDAP on a Linux Redhat 8.0 machine. It will have APache 2.0 installed which will request authentication via LDAP and OpenLDAP in turn needs to access a MS SQL server in order to get the database. I know this is done before and i need some guidance.

-> Which version of OpenLDAP stable would be best in this setup.
-> Back-Sql i understand is required for connectivity to a sql dbms database. is that all or do i also need some odbc connectors/drivers for this.
-> Which version/download site of Back-sql would be best .
-> Any special configuration on APache 2. I do have an (on a diff machine) APache 1.x running with LDAP client that talks to MS Site server LDAP. I can take it from there and configure further.

its a lot but im not a big expert and i need help.

thanx in advance

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