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Range searching with OpenLDAP (NOT Active Directory)

I am attempting to do a ldap search on my OpenLDAP server which contains
more than 5,000 records.  I would like to avoid tweaking the slapd.conf and
increase the sizelimit parameter.

I am attempting to do a similar search that is done with Active Directory
(in the archives) with no luck.  If I do the following search at the bottom
of the email the search will stop after 500 entries.

I am curious what changes I need to do for the command line to make
ldapsearch work properly?  I tried member;range=500-510 with no luck.  When
I try to add the member;range=500-510, I will get something like this in the
LDAP logs:

Apr 15 16:24:15 localhost slapd[16514]: conn=69 op=1 SRCH base="" scope=2

The following is what happens when I type the following in at the command

$ ldapsearch -v -x -h localhost -b "" "(objectclass=*)"
ldap_init( localhost, 0 )
filter: (objectclass=*)
requesting: ALL
version: 2

# filter: (objectclass=*)
# requesting: ALL
... (Results deleted) ...
# search result
search: 2
result: 4 Size limit exceeded

# numResponses: 501
# numEntries: 500

This will not display all records and I would like to be able to do searches
in batches, e.g. 1-500, 501-1000, etc.  Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your response!