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Re: A help in preparing slapd.conf and schema file

søn, 13.04.2003 kl. 00.08 skrev Balendran M:

>From the Openldap list:

> Kindly send me your  suggestions on how to write the schema for the 
> above directory and corresponding ldif file.

> M.Balendran             SIP Technologies & Exports Ltd.,
> Software Engineer       G4 Elnet SoftwareCity, Chennai
> Core Technology Group   URL:http://www.siptech.com/
> balendran@siptech.co.in Ph: +91-44-22541473/4 x306

(whispers aside: Copy to Michael Ströder ;->)

 Ermm .. Balendran, how much will you pay me?

(whispers aside to the SA-Talk list: How do I get SpamAssassin to deal
with reverse-engineerd spam? He sends me a request for spam and I have
to comply, even though I'm a spam fighter.)



Tony Earnshaw

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