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Re: multiple subdomains...what to do

lør, 12.04.2003 kl. 09.21 skrev Shawn Clark:

> We have a number of offices connected to our central office via VPN's.
> Every office has a Linux server in it running mail services, samba, etc..
> I would like to use LDAP for all of the system
> db's(passwd,protocols,dns,services, etc) as well as samba and mail. I am
> under the impression that I can have a "Master" LDAP server at the main
> office and replicate it out to LDAP servers at each location.

The tragic thing is, that this has been discussed backward and forward
on this list since at least this time last year, and the solution is
only a question of looking it up.

After all, Novell has been doing it for years with NDS/eDirectory, so
it's obviously wanted and necessary.

What's tragic about it is, that searching in mailing list archives is so
confoundedly difficult. There should be some sort of purposeful, proper
online database possibility for Mailman/Majordomo/ezmlm mailing lists,
that obviates the need for FAQs and idiot books. And I don't count
Google in this.

I have everything on my hard disk and can search in my MUA, Evolution.

Anyway, look for suffixalias and Howard Chu together, back-bdb and
Howard Chu together, and then separately back-ldap and Howard Chu
together. You'll probably see that back-ldap got broken and is now fixed
in CVS HEAD (choose the most recent postings first :), as well as that
you should be running 2.1.17 as basic version.




Tony Earnshaw

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