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Re: Help with ACL

fre, 11.04.2003 kl. 18.52 skrev Russell Premont:

> I am trying to set an access list that only allows rootmn access to read or
> write to ldap. Here is what I have in my slapd.conf.
> access to *
>         by cn=rootmn,o=mydomain,c=US write
> Since this kicks out the error above, I know it is wrong. Can someone tell
> me my mistake and I am new to ldap and I picked up the O'Reilly hoping for
> more in depth information on ldap. Can someone point me to some good
> resources for ldap that explain it starting at a beginners level.

Does it *really* have that in the book???

access to *
        by dn="cn=rootmn,o=mydomain,c=US write"

Quite another thing is, that the server won't know it's root unless he
authenticates first, for example - before the above:

access to dn="o=mydomain,c=US write"
	by self write
	by anonymous auth

Now check that with the book and report back if the book says something
else ;)




Tony Earnshaw

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