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Re: Header files in 2.1.16

At 04:45 AM 4/10/2003, Jeroen Vriesman wrote:
>Dear mailing list,
>I've just installed openldap-2.1.16, I recompiled with rpm -bb, got the following rpms:
>After that, I tried to recompile cyrus-sasl with -lldap, it gave me an erro, an undefined reference to 'ldap_destroy_cache', and indeed, I didn't find any ldap_destroy_cache in ldap.h
>The librairy is installed, I got ldap.h and even the manpages of the librairy functions, but they don't seem to be in ldap.h (none of them, fro as far I can see).
>How, why, when, and what to do about it?

These routines have been removed from the release.
2.1.17 does support dynamic linking with old applications
designed with conditional support for these now historic
routines (previously they were experimental and disabled
by default).  No support is provided for dynamic linking
of old applications designed to unconditionally use the
routines. No support is provided to build/link applications
making these calls.

Cyrus SASL (in CVS HEAD) seems to have been updated, but
(to the best of my knowledge) has not been released.  Or,
you can build Cyrus SASL without LDAP support (there are
alternatives, such as PAM/LDAP).