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Re: Open LDAP and SNMP


I have a more technical question. It seems the OpenLDAP
group has an enterprise OID branch. If I would like to
make a MIB module with some SNMP features for OpenLDAP
hich OID may I use?? enterprises.4203.???
I noticed that the OpenLDAP.schema use already some.

IANA.org specicifies 'kurt@OpenLDAP.org' as maintainer.

On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 01:14 AM, Igor Brezac wrote:
Why do you need an approval/agreement from others? You must be unsure
about it. Write the code and submit the code to the openldap communuity.
If it is really 'cool' or most imporatantly useful, it'll make it to the

I understand most peoples opinion about security and how security is done in SNMP and/or LDAP. However, I believe as soon there is a decent portion of code contributed implementing SNMP the group should look at it and allow inclusion of it. That way people can decide for themselves whether they want to use it or not.

Differences in tastes one always keeps, but one should
not decide for the other (agreeing with Igor) here.