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Re: Querying schemas in LDAP

Jeremy Ardley wrote:

We are having some issues querying the schema in an openldap 2.1.16 directory. Basically we query and get no returned records.

1.You have to query the DN of the sub schema sub entry for a given part of the DIT.
2. Then you have to explicitly request the schema attributes you're interested in.

Example (with anonymous simple bind):

$ ldapsearch -L -x -s base -h <LDAP host> -b"dc=stroeder,dc=com" "(objectClass=*)" subschemaSubentry
dn: dc=stroeder,dc=com
subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema
$ ldapsearch -L -x -s base -h <LDAP host> -b"cn=Subschema" "(objectClass=*)" objectClasses attributeTypes ldapSyntaxes matchingRules matchingRuleUse
[..much output here..]

Ciao, Michael.