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Re: Using ldapdelete to delete a user from a group

ldapdelete removes entries from LDAP. You are trying to modify an entry (namely cn=sales,ou=Group,dc=unfiw,dc=com). Use ldapmodify (man ldapmodify for the syntax you should use)
Karl Kopper wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

It doesn't look like there are any bogus characters. Here's vi with "se
list" on the slapcat output:

dn: cn=sales,ou=Group,dc=unfiw,dc=com$
creatorsName: cn=manager,dc=unfiw,dc=com$
createTimestamp: 20020605230613Z$
objectClass: posixGroup$
objectClass: top$
cn: sales$
gidNumber: 110$
memberUid: johnd$
memberUid: joe$
memberUid: rick$
memberUid: sam$
memberUid: tinah$
modifiersName: cn=manager,dc=unfiw,dc=com$
modifyTimestamp: 20030204223352Z$

Guess I can load the whole thing into a file and modify it. That is sure


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tir, 08.04.2003 kl. 20.37 skrev Karl Kopper:

#ldapdelete -D "cn=manager,dc=unfiw,dc=com" -v -w secret -x -c

And "sales" looks like this:

dn: cn=sales,ou=Group,dc=unfiw,dc=com
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: top
cn: sales
gidNumber: 110
memberUid: johnd
memberUid: joe
memberUid: rick
memberUid: sam
memberUid: tinah

Looks good enough to me. Just a shot in the dark: make sure that /none/
of the RDNs in the respective entries have spaces at the end, when you
do a 'slapcat -l' on the database and vi '/ $' or sed it.




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