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Re: Status of VC++ port of openldap?

At 05:18 AM 4/5/2003, Jeremy Ardley wrote:
>Is there a process in hand to keep the vc++ port current?

Like for other ports, feel free to submit patches you believe
are generally useful.  The community then considers them
and, if found appropriate and otherwise suitable for
inclusion, someone with "commit" privileges will integrate
the changes.

>Are the workspace and code changes I have made useful to be put back into
>the project?

I don't see how the community can answer that question until
they see your proposed changes.

>If so, how?

Use the issue tracking system to submit patches.  Also,
review developer pages / faq for additional info.

>Are the single threaded versions still needed?

I assume single threaded client side libraries are still
needed.  But I don't develop windows applications...