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RE: Replication Suggestions

Thanks for the reply.

> > - is fine. What puzzles me is making the slave chase a referral and 
> > making it rebind as something other than anonymous.
> Servers don't chase referrals, clients do. The slave sends a 
> referral to the client and it's up to the client to chase it.

Yes, that is what I meant, with the client tools being on the slave,

> The library provides functions to support authenticated 
> rebinds. The command line tools that we provide don't use 
> this feature. If you want it, use the library to develop your 
> own clients, or add the one or two functions needed to the 
> existing clients. When using Simple Bind it's a security 
> liability, but since you're not concerned there, there's 
> nothing stopping you.

So if I understand you here Howard, "out of the box" is it not possible
to have the client chase a referral and rebind using the credentials it
was given in the first place without programming it yourself, regardless
of the auth method?