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Re: [phpqladmin] phpqladmin 2.x series with openldap 2.1.x series

>>>>> "BsD" == BsD JuNkiE <bsd_junkie@fastmail.fm> writes:

    BsD> Is anybody successfully running openldap 2.1.x with
    BsD> phpqladmin 2.0.8 or .9 which just came out?

In a number of mails (which I have not had time to reply to yet), your
say that you get the error (from phpQLAdmin):

        Don't support v3 bind
        cant bind to ldap server: Protocol error

This come from code that does a BASE search (objectclass=*), looking for
'namingContexts' and later 'supportedLDAPVersion'.

What I do is connect to host:port, check base for 'supportedLDAPVersion'
and if LDAP server don't support v3 binds, I set protocol to v2 THEN I
bind to the server...

But for some reason, the problem seems to be with the OpenLDAP libs (I
think). In /etc/ldap/ldap.conf I have 

        BASE            dc=com

If I have this enabled, I get the same thing (Don't support v3 bind).
But if disabling this, restarting Apache (Apache seems to be caching
the BASE option), everything works. If I then enable this again (without
restarting Apache) everything works 'for a while' and then I have to
do the whole thing again...

So for some reason, even if I specify '' or NULL in the ldap_read() PHP
function, somewhere this base (from ldap.conf) is still inserted....

Since ldapsearch works with a base search, I've been reluctant to say
that this is a OpenLDAP libs bug, but... ?
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