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RE: 2.1 upgrade issue

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> From: John Madden [mailto:jmadden@ivytech.edu]

> > No. What on earth makes you think that "No such object" means
> > "Insufficient Access" ?

> Previous posts on the list and ldap.h:
> #define LDAP_INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS        0x32
> So I took a stab at that being the cause. :)

I must point out that 0x32 is hexadecimal, that would be 50 in decimal. 32
decimal is of course 0x20 - try looking that up in ldap.h and see what you

Usually you don't need to look this stuff up yourself, as the provided
command line tools print the text that corresponds to each error code. All
you have to do is realize that it means what it says.

> > Probably because what you call your root object doesn't
> exist. Have you
> > checked your original LDIF to see that it was actually there?
> >
> > Did you configure with --enable-crypt? Are you building
> with OpenSSL? If
> > so, have you patched your OpenSSL library so that it
> doesn't interfere
> > with normal crypt() behavior? <
> > http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/185.html Note about
> OpenSSL and
> > crypt() >
> Good stuff - I'll look into these and post my findings.

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