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Re: Netscape and Outlook

man, 2003-03-31 kl. 18:01 skrev ken@VirtualMachines.COM:

> Hi - I'm trying to use OpenLDAP (initally) as a contact manager 
> for Netscape 7, Mozilla 1.2, Outlook 200 and XP, and Outlook Express 
> with the autocompletion feature. 
> I just installed OpenLDAP 2.1.12 on a Solaris 8 Intel machine (all 
> paths are avoiding Sun's LDAP software). Then followed the Quick Start 
> guide to test the installation.
> But when I try to use the autocompletion feature of Netscape 7 inside 
> of mail, I get the following error 
> LDAP initialization problem
> Any ideas on what is wrong? 

At least people can't complain that you didn't give enough details -
that's normally my main bitch about some other posters.

Mozilla 1.3b, at any rate, needs LDAPv2 compatibility, perhaps it's
that. It all works for me, even with SLS, when you get that far.

'allow bind_v2' in the main body of slapd.conf.

Now go and compile 2.1.16 ;)




Tony Earnshaw

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