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Re: Attribute scope of attr=entry in an ACL

man, 2003-03-31 kl. 06:39 skrev Ace Suares:

> since you are giving a base that is 'higher' than the access rules you have, 
> it should be IMPOSSIBLE to travel 'down the tree. (At least, that's what I 
> understand of it.)

That's what I've found too. That bit seems to be logical.

> I tested with a very very simple ACL. Maybe that's good for you too. Just make 
> up ONE ACL that's very very simple and that restrcits access to the first 
> level. Then add rules and see what changes. And tell us ! (Especially if you 
> solved it !)

I do what Mike wants, and my method works for me. My problem is that
regexes for Openldap do not seem to work like any other regexes on this
earth. Like SpamAssassin Perl regexes follow *completely* the Perl
manuals and *always* work like one supposes they should. Openldap
regexes need a fairy with a magic wand to make work and defy all logic.
However, the good news is, that they work in the end. Though how I still
don't know.

Anybody wants to write off list, I'll give him my method; if I post it
here, I'll get shot down in flames; life is already difficult enough.




Tony Earnshaw

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