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RE: groupOfURLs objectClass

At 09:44 PM 1/16/01 +0100, Mikkel Heisterberg wrote:
>>>>Does anyone know whether getting groupOfURLs to work with OpenLDAP 
>>>>2.0.x require more than schema specifications e.g. modification of 
>>>>the server core.

At 02:02:16 PM 1/16/01 -0800 Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>> From what I gather from your description, yes, modifications would 
>>>be required.

At 08:38 AM 2002-01-12, Nikos Voutsinas wrote:
>>Is this statement still valid? (2.0.19)?


>>If it is, then are there any future plans on dynamic group issue?

At 02:02:16 PM 1/16/01 -0800 Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>Not that I'm aware of.  Feel free to contribute.

I've tracked this discussion down from Jan. 2001 thru Jan. 2002 and have
not found any documentation elsewhere which speaks to the use of the
groupOfUrls objectClass except on Novell NDS, iPlanet and IBM servers.
Likewise, I checked the OpenLDAP projects list and not found anything
that seems related.  I presume no work has been done to add this
functionality to OpenLDAP.

What will it take to add this functionality.  We may have some resources
to throw at the problem since it is very desirable to implement dynamic
groups in an OpenLDAP directory server for a current project.  I've not
even looked at any of the source code.  I just wanted to get a
preliminary read on the situation.

(I'll move this discussion to the openldap-devl list if that seems more

Russ Licht