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Re: Solaris 9, sasl support

This question is a bit off topic for Openldap.

Solaris 9 distribution already has SASL installed.  Its probably not the version you want, and I haven't seen any packages available to upgrade.

Just a quick piece of advice.. Don't touch any of the distribution installed SASL libraries.  If you compile SASL and overwrite the Solaris 9 libraries, everything breaks.

Jonathan Higgins
Network Service Specialist IV
Kennesaw State University

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>>> ineves <ineves@iportalmais.pt> 03/27/03 10:22AM >>>
Hello, i'm tring to compile postgresql with sasl suport, but i dong get succeded, when compiling sasl library, i ask me about kdr5.h, i put it there, then it asking me for a err_com.h, and i dont have, and even found it... anyone have it working?