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Re: Alias Support

[ Ulrich Weber ]

> Hi everyone,
> I'm using openldap 2.1.12 and berkeley DB 4.1.25.
> I'm planning to use one tree with all the users an one tree for
> every single host. The hosts have only aliases that point to the
> users. So I can allow which user has access on each system and
> centralize the management.
> But when I want to add the aliases, I get the following error from ldap:
> ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
> additional info: attribute "aliasedObjectName" not supported in context
> Whats wrong ? Doesn't openldap support aliases ?

Are you using the BDB-backend? If so; Aliases are not supported with
this backend(last I checked). Try ldbm instead. 

Mathias Meisfjordskar
GNU/Linux addict.

"If it works; HIT IT AGAIN!"