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simple Authentication

Hi everyone, I am trying to get courier (with squirrelMail) to use LDAP
authentication but everytime sqirrelmail will fail producing the following
error in the messages file
	ldap_bind: Inappropriate authentication

If I try doing what I think should be a correct ldapsearch on the
commandline I get the ame error e.g
	ldapsearch -x -w email -D "dc=kit, dc=mail" "(cn=aubs) *

The only documentation I can find on this error states the userPassword
attribute is missing but I don't understand this???
The entry certainly exists i.e

dn: mail=aubs@kit.mail,ou=mailboxes,dc=kit,dc=mail
objectClass: CourierMailAccount
mail: aubs@kit.mail
homeDirectory: /home/vmail/kit.mail/_a/_au/_aubs@kit.mail
uidNumber: 10000
gidNumber: 10000
cn: aubs
quota: 5000000S,500C
userPassword:: YXVicw==
creatorsName: cn=root,dc=kit,dc=mail
createTimestamp: 20030327104120Z
modifiersName: cn=root,dc=kit,dc=mail
modifyTimestamp: 20030327104120Z

What am I doing wrong?