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RE: openldap core dumping under load

I ran into a similar problem myself earlier today. Try the ITS#2404 patch to
libldap_r/tpool.c in CVS and let us know how it goes, that should take care
of it.

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Can anyone help with this ?

I'm running openldap 2.1.16 with a  bdb db-4.1.25 backend. I have a sendmail
server that queries ldap for its aliases.

During times of high mail volume, ldap core dumps.  Over a period of a couple
of minutes i can watch slapd consume all system memory and then crash. I can
simulate this quite easily with a looping perl script sending a couple of
thousand messages.

I have configured the following indexes in an attempt to improve the
index   objectClass     eq
index   cn              pres,eq
index   uid              pres,eq
index   sendmailMTAAliasGrouping     pres,eq
index   sendmailMTAHost     pres,eq
index   sendmailMTAKey     pres,eq
index   sendmailMTAAliasValue    pres,eq

The ldap box is running FreeBSD 4.7 with a PII 350 and 512mb of ram.
The sendmail server is a p4 2.4.

Is it possible that the sendmail server is too grunty in comparison to the
ldap server ?