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Re: Openldap reliability

This might be because you have to many open connections.
Have your tried playing aroungd with the idletimeout option in slapd.conf

How many connections is "too many"? When problems have struck, there are about 30 or so connections open.

How are you measuring this? From the logs? When people say 30, I often suspect they mean that 30 threads were running, which would be normal for that version. (Defaults are lower now)

Please check the log output to see how many file descriptors are
in use.  I've encountered this "stuck" problem only in very strange
situations where I'd run out of file descriptors.

Note that if this Is the problem, raising the fd limit won't
help you.

Most of my encounters with fd usage spiraling out of control were
with concurrency issues within back-ldbm caused by multiple
long-running searches and simultaneous attempts to modify objects
in those searches.

back-bdb with the new 2.1 series has not given me this problem.

Matthew Backes