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RE: Openldap reliability

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> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> > Most people on this list who run 2.0.27 in production are satisfied;
> > I've never tried it.

> I have it running on a Redhat v7.1 box with zero problems, and on a
> Redhat v7.3 box where it won't stay up for any love of money.

> > The 2.1.16 that I run with BDB 4.1.25 on RH 7.2++++ is
> ultra-reliable,
> > fast and most known bugs (also found on 2.1.12) have been
> squashed. Most
> > important services and utilities on this machine are
> utterly dependent
> > on it.
> Is an RPM available for v2.1.16?

Symas CDS 1.3 is available as an RPM. It includes patched binaries of
OpenLDAP 2.1.16, BDB 4.1.25, Cyrus SASL 2.1.12, Heimdal 0.5.1, OpenSSL
0.9.6i. However, our RPM is built on RedHat 8 and may not run on your 7.x
boxes. You can email us privately if you're interested in trying it anyway;
it's currently not on our download site. The patches in CDS 1.3 are described
in the release notes on the download page.

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