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Re: Openldap reliability

ons, 2003-03-26 kl. 12:08 skrev Graham Leggett:

> Running openldap v2.0.27 under Redhat v7.3, we have encountered 
> tremendous reliability problems.
> Openldap doesn't die, it just stops accepting new connections - LDAP 
> clients complain "LDAP server timed out". The LDAP server and client are 
> on the same machine, so network is not a problem.
> Is openldap v2.0 worth using in a production environment? Is v2.1.12 any 
> better?

Most people on this list who run 2.0.27 in production are satisfied;
I've never tried it.

The 2.1.16 that I run with BDB 4.1.25 on RH 7.2++++ is ultra-reliable,
fast and most known bugs (also found on 2.1.12) have been squashed. Most
important services and utilities on this machine are utterly dependent
on it.




Tony Earnshaw

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