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Openldap configuration for client connections


I've a question about the configuration for OpenLDAP.
I'm using openldap 2.0.27 on redhat 8.0
I've configured slapd.conf and ldap.conf correctly and i've inserted data in my directory using the command line.
I'm also using LDAP Browser/editor for admin tasks. it works fine
I can connect to my directory using Directory Administrator

HOWEVER, when i try to connect to my ldap directory from another machine (windows 2000 on the same LAN), i can't. I've tried many ways : LDAP browser/editor, ldap search trough a web browser. (ping works fine with name or ip@)

I believe it has to do with the ldap.conf file :that is found at three different places : /usr/local/etc/openldap/, /etc (ldap.conf(5)), and /etc/openldap
I've tried to modify each one to put the server Ip adress and the basedn , but it didn't make any difference.

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