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Re: Net::LDAP problem

Hi Dan,

I am using that same package without problems. I am not adding anything
though, just extracting. You may want to change your debug level for
your LDAP server and tail the log while you rerun your script. Also,
check whether you are trying to bind in version 2 method with a server
that only allows version 3.

Dave Augustus

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 10:13, Daniel Davidson wrote:
> I am writing a perl script to add a user to our ldap server, and I am having a 
> bit of a problem.  When I go to actually do the adding of all the account 
> information, the will keep trying to do the add without giving an error 
> message.
> Anyone have an idea about what would cause this, or should I look toward a 
> different lDAP package such as Mozilla::LDAP?
> Dan