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Re: Unique ID help

Peter Marschall wrote:
On Tuesday 25 March 2003 04:26, David Shirley wrote:
I want to create a unique identifier in my schema.

Now i would like to make uidNumber a unique identify, so
that if another record with the same uidNumber is entered it
returns and error?

The easiest way to maintain uniqueness is to use the uidNumber as the RDN. Given that you are instead using uid and perhaps also want that to be unique, that may not be an option.

This is currently not possible with OpenLDAP and
I doubt if that is possible with other LDAP servers.

The Netscape/iPlanet/Sun ONE family of directory servers can enforce uniqueness through a plug-in that is enabled by default.

If the solutions presented thus far won't work, you'll have to solve this requirement at your application layer. I've made a note of this requirement for future development of my own gateway.

Jon Roberts