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Re: Problem regarding distinguished name

tir, 2003-03-25 kl. 04:58 skrev Rashmi Grover Varma:

> The distinguished name I want to add to my directory is not getting 
> added and the error No Matching Entry Found is returned. The dn I am 
> trying yo add is,
>        cn=Test User, street=Seepz, c=IN
> My base DN is c=IN. However, if I try to add cn =Test User, c=IN  it 
> gets successfully added. But how can I create an entry for street which 
> does not have any associated objectClass. Please help.

1: You can't;
2: Try l or localityName instead, if you really want to use street. The
former can be used in most objectClass es you're likely to have as
3: Try reading and comprehending the Admin guide to be found at
Openldap.org and stick to what's in it. Your proposed dn is not viable;
ask yourself "why?"




Tony Earnshaw

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