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Re: Problem regarding distinguished name

In message <3E7FD3F7.8040605@tatainfotech.com> on Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:28:47 +0530, Rashmi Grover Varma <rashmi.grover@tatainfotech.com> said:

rashmi.grover> The distinguished name I want to add to my directory is
rashmi.grover> not getting added and the error No Matching Entry Found
rashmi.grover> is returned. The dn I am trying yo add is,
rashmi.grover>        cn=Test User, street=Seepz, c=IN
rashmi.grover> My base DN is c=IN. However, if I try to add 
rashmi.grover> cn=Test User, c=IN it gets successfully added. But how
rashmi.grover> can I create an entry for street which does not have
rashmi.grover> any associated objectClass. Please help.

dn: street=Seepz, c=IN
objectClass: locality
street: Seepz


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