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RE: beyond descriptor table size error

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> ext Curtis J Blank (curt@uwm.edu) wrote:
> > Thanks for the reply, no, SuSE Linux 2.4.18, sorry, I should have
> > mentioned that.
> >
> > -Curt
> Hi Curt,
>  Have a look at this link for some explanation of what you need to do:
> http://lists.paco.net/oops-eng/msg00317.html

Ugh. "Certified Linux Engineers" who don't know the difference between a
socket and a file descriptor? Please....

Fix the problem, not the symptom. It is pretty rare for a single server to
have 1024 simultaneous client sessions. If that's really the case on your
server, raising the limits may be appropriate. More likely you have a number
of stale connections from clients that have gone away. Start by looking at
netstat to see how many connections are active vs CLOSED. You probably need
to set an idletimeout in slapd.conf.

FYI, on Linux the size of an fdset is a compile-time constant. No runtime
kernel tweaking is needed, the kernel's limit is actually 1048576. If you
need more descriptors than that, you're doing something wrong. If you want
more than 1024 file descriptors for select, you redefine __FD_SETSIZE and
recompile your code.

 -- Howard Chu
 unCertified GNU/Linux Designer/Implementer