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RE: replication 2.1.12-2.0.23 struggle

the Standard reply is "use replication between identical servers (same

if you really want to use replication between those two, use the new and
useful slapd.conf directive in the 2.1.x version:
in the replica section put the directive attr!=entryCSN
so your replica would look like this:

replica host=

it uses the new selective replica mechanism

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Subject: replication 2.1.12-2.0.23 struggle


I'm trying to replicate a 2.1.12 ldap server to a 2.0.23 one.
When I manually add the dn:s i would like to change it works,
but when it is to be replicated in an automatic fashion, it fails.

After running slurpd in one-shot mode and debug I get the following:

Processing in one-shot mode:
1 total replication records in file,
1 replication records to process.
Replica server01:0 skip repl record for
uid=user01,ou=people,dc=my-domain,dc=com (not mine)
Replica server02:0 skip repl record for
uid=user01,ou=people,dc=my-domain,dc=com (old)

To server01(2.1.12) the information is replication correctly
To server02(2.0.23) the information is never replicated

The .rej file says Error: undefined attribute type
it turns out this attribute type is entryCSN

Does entryCSN not exist in 2.0.23 ?
Why does it say (old) in the slurpd one-shot processing ?
As the entry i'm trying to add can be added manually , then
it must be one of the other attributes (entryCSN, modifiersName, etc)
that causes it...

Any help is appriciated.