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replication 2.1.12-2.0.23 struggle


I'm trying to replicate a 2.1.12 ldap server to a 2.0.23 one.
When I manually add the dn:s i would like to change it works,
but when it is to be replicated in an automatic fashion, it fails.

After running slurpd in one-shot mode and debug I get the following:

Processing in one-shot mode:
1 total replication records in file,
1 replication records to process.
Replica server01:0 skip repl record for
uid=user01,ou=people,dc=my-domain,dc=com (not mine)
Replica server02:0 skip repl record for
uid=user01,ou=people,dc=my-domain,dc=com (old)

To server01(2.1.12) the information is replication correctly
To server02(2.0.23) the information is never replicated

The .rej file says Error: undefined attribute type
it turns out this attribute type is entryCSN

Does entryCSN not exist in 2.0.23 ?
Why does it say (old) in the slurpd one-shot processing ?
As the entry i'm trying to add can be added manually , then
it must be one of the other attributes (entryCSN, modifiersName, etc)
that causes it...

Any help is appriciated.