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RE: strange performance problem

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> during the first 4 testruns the openldapserver used 98% cpu processing
> (seen in top) After the initial 4 runs, slapd only consumes 40%-75% cpu
> processing time. somethimes it's even dropping to a few %.

This implies that the balance of time shifted from in-memory operation to
disk I/O. Why do you suppose that might be? Perhaps you have run out of cache
memory? Perhaps you have run out of disk space? Perhaps you should run
db_stat and see?

> btw: are there any documentation on implementations details
> of openldap ? if
> yes, where can i find them

All of the implementation details are spelled out explicitly in the source

> :) Other documentation that might explain what i'm
> seeing is also (very) welcome.

The BDB documentation that SleepyCat provides is also required reading.

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